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Mr Alex watched her with a feigned frown as she rushed to the ladies again. That was the third time in forty minutes that she had asked to be excused and each time she returned she looked paler and more exhausted than she was before.

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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, has concluded all restructuring, transformation, reforms and other preparation for the 2017 UTME and is now set to commence the sale of its application document in March, 2017.
By: Dinah Ify Obiano

It’s a known fact that the world pays and recognizes whatever or whoever has a value.
Until we add value to our lives, families, societies, organization etc. nobody is going to recognize us.

Often times we say “My Work Speaks For Me”. I concur, with this. Your productivity and contribution in your organization truly speaks for you.

How can you be recognized in your organization?
It’s not by how connected you are to the top men in the society, how rich or flamboyant you may be. But someone may say, that is just it. No!

I am speaking from the angle of genuine recognition according to value you contribute towards moving your organization forward.

For you to be valued and recognized in your organization, it depends largely on your time management.

Time is a unit of life. It is transparent, impartial, universal and irrecoverable once lost. What you get out of time depends on how you use your time.

Time management is the process of planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating the use of time in order to accomplish or perform a certain task or duty.

Every second, minute and hours of every day is precious and should be maximally utilized.

The bitter truth is that, everything about you today is how you have wisely or foolishly used your time till now. Do you agree with me?

Now, here are some questions for you;
How do you manage your time in the office to make a valuable impact in your place of work?

Do you have a set target every day as you set out to the office? How beneficial is the target to the organization?

Is your target to gossip with other colleagues of yours in the same category with you?

Is it to watch out for those who are putting on the latest designers to the office?

Are you going to the office to blackmail someone, steal money, and plan against your leaders or other colleagues?

Is your work watching movies, charting and gisting on all the social media you know from morning till the close of work?

However, are you in the category of those that spells out a target of moving their organization forward and aspires towards achieving that?

Do you explore on how to make a useful contribution towards the success of your organization?

Whenever an assignment is given to you, do you carry it out as and when due?

Do you create a reasonable task for yourself even when no assignment is given to you?

Permit me to say that your genuine answers to these questions show the extent of your worth to yourself, family, organization and even the society at large.

Remember, “If you do not stand for something, you will definitely fall for anything”.

You cannot give what you don’t have. You must be useful to yourself before “others”.

Seconds make up a minute, minutes make up an hour, hours make up a day, days make up a week, weeks make up a month and months make up a year. 

Evaluate yourself periodically to ascertain what you have been busy doing. 

In conclusion, time waits for no one.  Be disciplined in the use of your time.

Your contributions, objections and questions are welcome.